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Jul 27, 2020

Arun and Patricia discuss:
Trump cancels Republican Convention.
Trump Supporter Jack Kingston’s car crash Interview on Al Jazeera.
Kayleigh McEnany lies about Paw Patrol being about police officers and being cancelled.
Evangelical Women Are Abandoning Trump and Their Churches.
#BlackLivesMatter: Nurses and journalists being attacked by police. #MarchForOurLives organisers being targeted for arrest. Police and Federal Agents still working together in Portland despite being told not to by local legislature.
Sinclair plan to air “Plandemic” conspiracy theory on local news stations.
CBBC finally airs a same sex relationship.
Avatar 2 delayed indefinitely due to coronavirus, confirms James Cameron.
Klasky Csupo Returns with Digital Series ‘RoboSplaat’.
‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ Gets April 2022 Release Date.
Brie Larson Asks Nintendo to Cast Her as Samus in a Metroid Movie.
Ask Iwata: Words of Wisdom from Nintendo’s Legendary CEO to publish in English via VIZ.