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Jul 6, 2020

Arun and Patricia discuss:
Trump’s 4th of July Fireworks display is a bust, could spread the Coronavirus, campaign releases Nazi-style merchandise.
#BlackLivesMatter: Police targeting minors, protecting white supremacists, Columbus Statue Brought Down.
China’s new security law tries to silence Hong Kong protesters.
NBA Players to wear COVID-19 detecting “smart rings.”
#HeyArnold Vinyl sells out in minutes! Could it put Season 6 back in the table for Nickelodeon?
Nickelodeon wants to know what Yahoo Soda tastes like.
Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Story of Ren and Stimpy releases August 14th.
Sailor moon Movie Delayed.
1st pictures of Studio Ghibli "Earwig and the Witch"
50 years ago, Mississippi tried to ban Sesame Street.
Kayne West Announces he’s “running for President.”