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Oct 13, 2020

Arun and Patricia talk about:

The Taliban endorses Donald Trump.
Biden leading in national polls, declining in battleground states.
North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile shows Trump’s strategy has failed.
Trump threatens Iran in profanity laced rant on Rush Limbaugh.
Trump yard sign rigged with razor blades left town worker needing 13 stitches.
“Trump Supporters” paid to turn up to White House South Lawn rally.

'Dr Johnny Bananas' and 'Dr Person Fakename' among medical signatories on COVID-19 herd immunity open letter.
Adam Kovic, Ryan Haywood Leave Rooster Teeth Amid Allegations Of Grooming Fans.
Hey Arnold! Soundtrack Vol. 1 Vinyl sells out in 6 minutes!
2020 Hey Arnold! Anniversary Show Post-Thoughts.
Sega’s next retro console could be Dreamcast mini, says producer
How What a Cartoon! tapped animation’s past to push the form into a new ’90s golden age.