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Jul 14, 2020

Arun and Patricia discuss:
Julia Sawalha not voicing Ginger in Chicken Run 2.
Why do religious animated movies never take off with the public?
Donald Trump given 91% chance of winning the election.
After being against face masks, Trump supporters are now happy he’s wearing one!?
Disney World reopens to a lacklustre reception, while Florida is labelled the new epicentre of COVID-19.
The Casagrandes have been nominated for an Emmy.
#BlackLivesMatter: Police throw tear gas at protesters trying to help someone having a seizure, rubber bullets fired at medical volunteers. Protesters sneak up and protest behind Louisville mayor.
“#BlueLivesMatter” protester assaults camerawomen.
UK supermarkets will not stock chlorinated chicken products from the US.
Tucker Carlson writer resigns after making racist and sexist statements online.