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Mar 7, 2021

Arun and Patricia discuss:

Senate passes $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan after debating through the night
Some countries are considering COVID-19 vaccine passports, though experts have pointed to health and ethical questions.
Idaho COVID-19 protesters burn masks in front of capitol
Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Montana, and Iowa will stop doing mandatory masks starting next month.
Facebook Will End Ban on Political Ads in the United States
6 Books Written by Dr. Seuss Will be Discontinued due to “Uncomfortable Conversations on Racism”.
Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Orlando Has Delayed Premiere until 2025.
TCM takes aim at cancel culture arguments with new series devoted to 'problematic' movie classics.
Thoughts on Paramount Plus.
Disney’s Newest Animated Film Raya and the Last Dragon is Released on Disney+…for $30.
SpongeBob Spinoff Series About Patrick Star Has Been Announced.
Lola Bunny's Desexualized 'Space Jam 2' Redesign Sparks Intense Debate.