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Aug 5, 2018

Arun and Patricia talk about:

Trump claims Americans need ID to go shopping

Oh my gosh, this woman @VetDannii absolutely WIPES the floor with Farage here. I don’t think I’ve see anyone do it as well & so calmly. It’s almost indecent.

Children starting school 'cannot communicate in full sentences'

Building a Mosque in Kingman Arizona

Nickelodeon USA to Premiere 'Power Rangers' 25th Anniversary Special on Tuesday, August 28

Slender Man Trailer

Hackers break into voting machines within 2 hours at Defcon

‘Incredibles 2’ Reaches $1 Billion Faster Than Any Animated Film In History

About a month ago, this character Vito came in for a haircut and scared me by putting a fake cockroach on my counter when I wasn’t looking. He got me good.

Drunk whacked penis on women's car then did poo in street - as they sat and ate chips

Racist Ohio Driver Says Viral Video of Him Calling Black Man a N***er Ruined His Life

Cute little girl tries wasabi