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May 21, 2014

What do you think about Britain's role in the EU? Is it exploitative, anti-democratic and does it need reform? Or is the EU a safe haven for the economy and good for trade and business? Does it restrict autonomy or enhance international integration and cooperation?

The EU elections are on Thursday May 22nd, where you'll have your say at the ballot box on who you think should represent the North West. Who do you want to be your MEPs (Members of the European Parliament)?

You're invited to a panel discussion by Manchester Students' Union, Manchester Debating Union, and Challenging Orthodoxies Society.

On the panel we have:
Chris Davies MEP for the Liberal Democrats
Angeliki Stoigia, MEP candidate for the Labour Party 
Jacqueline Foster MEP for the Conservatives
Laura Bannister, MEP candidate for the Green Party
Lee Slaughter, MEP candidate for UKIP